Fishing rules for the Beiar river -2019

Submitted byAnita onFri, 19/04/2019 - 13:47


Salmon: 14.06 - 31.08.
Sea trout: 14.06. - 31.08. throughout the river. Below Storjord bridge until 14.09.
Sea char: fishing is not allowed

The fishing starts at 12.00 on 14.06. The river is closed for fishing between 24.00 and 06.00 (midnight through to 6 a.m.) except for on opening day till 15.06. Fishing is also allowed all the nights in the part of the river from the fjord up to the border to Kvæl and part of Vold where the powerline is crossing the river; the part of the river which is affected by the high tide.

Limitations and minimum size:

Salmon :
Only one (1 ) salmon under 65 cm pr. angler pr. day
Only four (4) salmons under 65 cm pr. angler during the season.
The minimum size for salmon is 35 cm. Only three (3) released fishes pr. angler pr. day. If the captured salmon positively can be identified as a farmed salmon, it can be killed and is not counted as a part of the quota limitations for the season. Error ranked fish must be handed on to the card salesman or landowner.

Sea trout:
Only 4 seatrouts under 65 cm pr. Angler pr. day.
Only 25 seatrouts under 65 cm pr. Angler during the season.
The minimum size for sea trout is 30 cm

Fishing equipment:
It is only permitted to use fishing equipment with one triple hook and hook barbless. Worm bait is permitted throughout the river with use of "genuine" circle hooks. Only one fishing rod pr. Angler is allowed. It is illegal to leave the fishing rod during fishing. All electronic equipment for catching fish is forbidden, also the use of fishing gaff. Use of fly with sinker is forbidden.

Other rules:
All fishing equipment including boots and wading boots MUST be disinfected before permission will be granted to fish in the Beiarriver and tributaries. The equipment MUST be disinfected by the local card salesman. Desinfection sertificate from other rivers is not valid. This rule also apply to boats. Moving downstream during fishing is mandatory. All fishermen should have a pair of long Pliers for use in extraction of hooks. Everyone should have access to a knotless landing net. All fish caught (including fish released and even no-catch) is to be reported within 1 day. For all salmons (included farmed salmon) captured and killed, shell - samples must be taken. It is not allowed to fish in the protection area by the salmon stairs and above in the Tollåga river and the Hauforsen waterfall (50m above and 50 m below, according to §6 in the fishing rules for Nordland county). Fish that are put back in the river, must be treated carefully to avoid injuries. Please exercise great care in releasing the fish.